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If you are unable to make an immediate gift, but would like to provide for UC San Diego's future, consider making a bequest. Your will or living trust protects your family's future with an estate plan. By including a bequest to UC San Diego, you also can help ensure that your goals for the future live on.

Adding UC San Diego to your will or living trust is one of the easiest ways to make an important difference in the future of this campus. To make a bequest, simply add a brief statement to your will or living trust. (Often you can simply add a codicil to an existing document.) While this type of gift creates no immediate income tax benefits, it will be completely tax deductible for estate tax purposes.

You can also specify exactly how you'd like to distribute your assets. You can make a specific bequest by identifying a specific parcel of real estate, block of stock, or other clearly identified item. Or, you can make a cash bequest in a specific amount or as a percentage of your estate. You can also make a residual bequest from the remaining assets in your estate after all other specific bequests and settlement costs are satisfied.

Your bequest can be designated to establish a current use fund, which is totally expendable, or an endowed fund, which exists in perpetuity and generates an annual income. In addition, your bequest can be used for a specific program or can be unrestricted—to be used at the discretion of the Chancellor or Dean. Finally, your gift can also be made in your name, or as a tribute to someone you love.

If you have made a provision for UC San Diego in your estate plans, please let us know. We would be pleased to invite you to join the UC San Diego York Society. This society recognizes and thanks an exceptional group of alumni, faculty, parents, staff, community leaders and other friends whose generosity through planned gifts helps secure the future of one of the world's greatest universities.

UC San Diego sample bequest language is available below for current use and endowed funds. For specific department/division bequest language please call the Office of Gift Planning at (858)534-2249 or contact us for information and assistance.

Legal Name - UC San Diego Foundation
UC San Diego Tax I.D. # 95-2872494

Sample Bequest Language
UCSD Current Use Bequest Language
UCSD Endowment Bequest Language
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